The Barrens

Dedicated Stephen Moyer fans wanted to request screenings of The Barrens

If you want to see Stephen Moyer on the big screen in the film The Barrens, you will have to do something for it. To bring the film to a theater in your USA hometown you must request it on, the theatrical on-demand website.

The BarrensRequesting a screening is FREE, you only pay the cost of your own entrance ticket for the screening, if enough people reserve a ticket to watch the movie with you, the screening will be confirmed and you can all watch it together.

Request your screening here:

Screenings have already been requested in Burlington, NJ, San Antonio, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Glendale, CA, Columbus, Indiana, Boston, MA, Fort Worth, TX and Olathe, KS. And the first listings should appear on the TUGG website this week.

We’ve been checking the demographics of our websites and made a list of cities were many Stephen Moyer fans live and that would be perfect to hold a screening.

Which dedicated fans will step up and request a screening of The Barrens in the following cities?

San Francisco, CA
Fresno, CA
San Diego, CA
New York, NY
Tallahassee, FL
Spring Hill, FL
Miami, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Lewisburg, PA
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Peoria, IL
Chicago, IL
Medford, Chelsea, Boston, MA
Lexington, NC
Columbus, OH
Atlanta, GA
Seattle, WA
Nashville, TN
Ann Arbor, MI
Denver, CO
Baton Rouge, LA

If you don’t live in the above areas, you are invited to request a screening in a theater near you.

Request your screening here: or
visit for more information.
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help or have questions.